What We Do

OEI is involved in many social reform activities and services-building and equipping specially able people with new life and hope.
what we do
Physical Rehabilitation main

Physical Rehabilitation

“I want to become a social worker to help my own people in my village,” says 22-year-old Asif Asif was in good health until the age of five. As he grew up, both his legs started to bend.

Advocacy Outreach

Advocacy Outreach

Obtaining services from the government or other agencies in India is a challenge for most people. Add onto that poverty,....

hostel facilities

Hostel Facilities

Youth and children with disabilities from India's rural areas find it most difficult to avail educational and rehabilitation....

camps and rallies

Camps and Rallies

In order to encourage the social, and psychological well-being of persons with disabilities. OEI partners / organize camps....

educational assistance main

Educational Assistance

Government educational institutions, particularly in the villages, are extremely poor in infrastructure and instruction.

handicrafts and training

Training and Handicrafts

One of the greatest needs of persons with disabilities in India is economic sustenance. The government provides just....