Sponsor Educational Assistance

The disabled child will require intensive physical therapy and possibly a surgery to correct deformed limbs.
Physical Rehabilitation service
Government educational institutions, particularly in the villages, are extremely poor in infrastructure and instruction. Facilities for disabled students are virtually non-existent. Schools buses only exist for the privileged in private schools. Special education reaches only 1% of the mentally challenged.
These deficiencies add to the burden of disabled students who already find their disability an impediment to success in learning. This is particularly true for disabled female students who struggle with gender issues as well as disability.
In order to encourage the disabled in their educational pursuits, OEI has several programs for students with disabilities. These include:
  • Tutoring for high school, college and university students
  • Scholarships to pay school fees and purchase books
  • Hostel (dorm) facilities for rural students attending urban college
*Because of the varied educational programs disabled students enter into, there are times when your sponsorship funds may be too little or too much. In the first case, OEI reserves the right to seek other sponsors who will make up the difference. In the second case, OEI reserves the right to apply the extra funds to the educational needs of other disabled students. OEI communicates these decisions to the donor by email as and when necessary.