Operation Equip India



OEI conducts rallies to encourage the social and psychological well-being of persons with disabilities.
Employment is a major obstacle for people with disabilities living in rural areas and also the number one concern mentioned during Participatory Rural Appraisal. Employment is particularly challenging for rural women with disabilities, many of whom are illiterate or functionally illiterate. We have following programs in Livelihood initiatives:
  • An eight-month tailoring and embroidery training at Equip India Center and providing sewing machines for each trainee.
  • Formation of Self-help groups (SHG’s) in villages
  • Training programs for SHG’s on small business planning and financial management.
  • Provide micro financing/ loans for starting micro business for income generation
  • Provide short term Tailoring training at villages for women with disabilities who could not come to city for training.
  • Advocacy for obtaining government grants, subsidized loans, UDID cards, free rail and bus pass facilities, etc.