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Volunteer Opportunities

Engaging with Operation Equip India’s (OEI) Outreach Efforts

OEI frequently partners with national and international volunteers and groups. Because of the wholistic nature of OEI’s services, there are many opportunities for volunteers to participate, promote and provide for the needs of the differently-abled children and youth.

The following are ways volunteers can engage with OEI:

Physical Healing

Skilled doctors, occupational and physical therapists are needed to provide updated training for OEI’s Rehabilitation team, and work in OEI’s clinic to assess and treat youth and women with disabilities.

Technicians are needed to assist in OEI’s orthotic workshop and participate in Wheels for the World wheelchair distributions through Joni and Friends.

Socio-Economic Empowerment/Advocacy

Counselors and leaders are needed to conduct counselling and human rights/leadership training for women with disability and HIV/AIDS in the rural India. Volunteers are needed to sell handicrafts created by women with disability and HIV/AIDS in their Cities/Countries

A person or team with retail background is needed to set up an international (India and Overseas) supply chain management system and marketing strategy for handicrafts.

Educational Empowerment

Individuals with academic strengths are needed to teach English to classes of women and youth with disability, and to tutor children with disability in their coursework (all subjects) in India.


Workers are needed to complete construction projects (such as a wall for our new residential youth hostel for boys), to paint, set up computer systems, and train OEI staff to build their project management skills, communications skills, and leadership capacity.

Writers are needed to interview OEI beneficiaries in India and record their stories of lives changed for publication, as well as to raise financial support for OEI’s ministry in the USA.