Operation Equip India



Obtaining services from the government or other agencies in India is a challenge for most people, add onto that poverty, illiteracy and disability.
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Operation Equip India works with local village councils, schools and families affected with disabilities to help make community environments more accessible to people with disabilities. One of the biggest challenges for people with disabilities is inaccessible homes, schools, toilets, public buildings, etc, that affects them in their everyday chores. Thus Equip India works for their easy accessibility to these places and also create awareness on environmental consciousness.

Environment programs includes:

  • Accessibility ramps and railings for people with disabilities at their homes and schools.
  • Plantation drives in their neighbourhood and in public places.
  • Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Cleanliness drives) in schools and villages.
  • Sports and cultural events for people with disabilities and their families.