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About Us

St. Francis Trust is a non-profit and charitable organization dedicated to equipping people with disabilities and transforming lives for betterment.
about us

Our Vision

Wholistic transformation for persons with disabilities.

Our Mission

To equip the persons with disabilities and the people with disabling conditions through physical, educational, emotional and socio-economic intervention for a wholistic transformation towards fulfilling the Great Commission.



Who We Are?

Operation Equip India (OEI) (a project of St. Francis Trust) is a non-profit and charitable organization dedicated to equipping India’s person with disability with the physical, educational, emotional and socio-economic tools necessary for a life of independence and advancement. True to its slogan-the service of OEI has come a long way in impacting the lives of the physically challenged, not only in Dharwad District but also in communities throughout India. In the past 25 years of service, OEI has crossed various milestones; obeying the call, fulfilling the vision, holding onto the mission and executing the objectives to make it one-of-a-kind.
The OEI’s mission is not yet complete. Its accomplishments are just a drop in the bucket. There is so much to accomplish in our nation where 5% of the population have a disability. Leprosy, though eradicated by the Government of India, still continues to carry a stigma and fear to reveal the disease at the earliest stage.

Operation Equip India has crossed another milestone of serving the people with disabilities for two and half decades, thus celebrating 25 years of Inspiration, Empowerment and Abundant Life.


Mr. Manivannan M
Mr. Manivannan M


Dr. Dinesh P. Meshramkar
Dr. Dinesh P. Meshramkar


Mrs. Selma Jaisheel Bhasme
Mrs. Selma Jaisheel Bhasme


Mary Aruna Swauger
Mrs. Mary Aruna Swauger


vijay bhaskar
Mr. Vijaya Bhaskar M

Executive Director